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CityLeaks @ 30Works 2015


Streetart exhibition with ALIAS, Thomas Baumgärtel, DZIA, Mister P, Rourke Van Dal, Tankpetrol, Various & Gould, XooooX and xxxhibition.

During the third Urban Art Festival „CityLeaks 2015“ - which is taking place from 4th to 20th September 2015 in Cologne - is presenting new and never seen art works by the artists ALIAS, Thomas Baumgärtel, DZIA, Mister P, Rourke Van Dal, Tankpetrol,


For street art lovers, Cologne is the place to be in September. During the third edition of CityLeaks festival, the world’s greatest talents will convene there to create wall works and make the city a prettier place. But artists will not only work the streets, but will also exhibit within gallery walls. Apart from the show at Die Kunstagentin, another one will open for the occasion of this year’s event. A group urban art exhibition coming to 30works, entitled CityLeaks @ 30works, will feature ten prominent local and international artists you most certainly know: Alias, Thomas Baumgartel, Dzia, Mister P, Rourke van Dal, Tankpetrol, Various & Gould, XooooX and xxxhibition.

CityLeaks Festival 2015 in Cologne – The World on the Street Every two years since 2011, CityLeaks festival unites urban art and the citizens of Cologne, celebrating arts and promoting new talents. Working together with the city municipality, the festival organizers visually enrich the buildings and walls of Cologne, bringing together the world’s biggest names as well as emerging artists to show their passion and share it with the community. Joining this task will be 30works, one of the first spaces in Germany that has introduced pop and street art to the country’s vibrant scene. To celebrate the diversity of genres and styles there will be 10 selected artists from around Europe, with a series of works made with different techniques and revolving around a variety of contemporary topics.

CityLeaks @ 30works For the urban art exhibition at 30works, Berlin-based Alias will present his trademark stencil characters who criticise certain aspects of society through changing moods and gloomy appearance. Thomas Baumgartel, known for his iconic works throughout Cologne, will also be there, with his playful paintings of Peanuts and other familiar faces of today. Belgian wonderboy Dzia is bringing his famous golden line-filled animals, while French artist Mister P’s classic poster art will once again depict his country’s political and general atmosphere. UK artist Craig Everett, aka Rourke van Dal, plays with the cliches of Brit-pop with his clever spray paintings, while Polish Irek Jasutowicz, aka Tankpetrol, likes to depict his time in the military. The urban art exhibition will also feature the FaceTime series by famous German duo Various & Gould, and another local artist representing Germany is xxxhibition, with his comic icons and superheroes. Finally, exhibiting for the first time at 30works there’s XooooX with his female figures.

Urban Art Exhibition at 30works Urban art lovers, Cologne awaits you, as there will be a proper explosion of artworks all over city streets and within gallery walls. With its rich tradition in street arts, which involved legends like Banksy and D*Face, 30works continues to bring iconic artists and works into its vast exhibition space, and this will be their third time as the participants of CityLeaks festival. The CityLeaks @ 30works urban art exhibition will open at 30works in Cologne, Germany, on September 4th at 7pm. The show will run through September 20th, 2015.

Date: 4th September 2015
LABELS: 30 Works , Art Show , Canvas , City Leaks , Cologne , Contemporary , Exhibition , Old Classics , Pop Art , Rourke Van Dal , Stencil , Street Art , Urban Art

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Clockwork Charlie 1/1 - Spraypaint Release


Clockwork Charlie
Original Spraypainted stencil on Canvas Block, now available.

Date: 4th September 2015
LABELS: Canvas , Clockwork Charlie , Contemporary , Figurative , Icon , Legends , Mod Culture , Pop Art , Rourke Van Dal , Stencil , Street Art , Urban Art

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’Dont break my Heart’ Print Release


Edition of 25, available now in the Edition Prints section

Date: 12th August 2015
LABELS: Canvas , Contemporary , Don't break my Heart , Figurative , Limited Edition Print , Pop Art , Rourke Van Dal , Stencil , Street Art , Urban Art

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’Clobber’ New from the Skins & Punks Series


First from the ’Skins & Punks’ series
A small Spray painted edition on wood

Date: 11st July 2015
LABELS: Clobber , Contemporary , Figurative , Gavin Watson , Mod Culture , Original Painting , Pop Art , Rourke Van Dal , Skins & Punks Series , Spray Paint Edition , Stencil , Street Art , Urban Art

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Edie Sedgwick - Sirens NEW Series


A new series of work, a collection of Iconic Beauties, Glamorous, Breath taking Bohemians from all eras. Available as Spraypaints on Canvas at the moment, with Limited Edition Screenprints, later in the Year

Date: 20th June 2015
LABELS: Andy Warhol , Canvas , Contemporary , Edie Sedgwick , Figurative , Icon , Legends , Limited Edition Print , Original Painting , Pop Art , Rourke Van Dal , Sirens Series , Spray Paint Edition , Stencil , Street Art , Urban Art

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Count on Me - Spraypaint on Canvas


Commissions available on request, email for more details

Date: 1st June 2015
LABELS: Canvas , Contemporary , Count on Me , Figurative , Old Classics , Original Painting , Pop Art , Rourke Van Dal , Stencil , Street Art , Technique , Urban Art

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Droogie Canvas Release


There will be a small Edition of 10 Canvases, available soon.

Date: 4th May 2015
LABELS: Canvas , Contemporary , Droogie , Figurative , Old Classics , Original Painting , Painting Progress , Pop Art , Rourke Van Dal , Stencil , Street Art , Technique , Urban Art

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Apple Mag - Spraypainted Edition - Release 7/1/2015


Apple Mag Spraypainted Edition of 10 on deep edge canvas, size: 24" x 18".
will be available from 7/1/2015. Price £225

Date: 5th January 2015
LABELS: Apple Mag , Canvas , Contemporary , Pop Art , Spray Paint Edition , Stencil , Street Art , Urban Art

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Avone - The New Yorker


AVone - Anthony Vasquez.
Folding poster for his upcoming solo exhibition "The New Yorker". Opening reception 5th Dec - 19h at 30works gallery, Cologne. Get a signed one at opening reception!

Date: 5th December 2014
LABELS: 30 Works , Art Show , Cologne , Contemporary , Exhibition , Pop Art , Stencil , Street Art , Urban Art

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’Count on Me’ Print Release - Friday 21st Nov


’Count on me’
Signed & Numbered Limited Edition Archival Print on 315g Paper
Size: 56cm x 76cm Edition of 50 Price: £75.00

’Count on me’ portrays childhood, and how they respond and nurture the modern age of technology. we live in a world controlled by numbers and dingbats. I have a child with ADHD, and really finds it very hard to sleep, so I have spent hours with him while he decides to actually go to sleep. I can remember in the early days probably around in is first years of schooling, sitting with him on a night and for hours, doing sums with him. Cos he seemed to just not be able to get them out of his head. ’Befuddle’ and earlier picture is where I touched on this first., cos he seemed to do the same thing with Superheros, so dignbats, numbers, Advertising and comic book, on a childs mind depicted as there hair. is my reasoning behind these pictures.

Date: 21st November 2014
LABELS: Contemporary , Count on Me , Limited Edition Print , Pop Art , Stencil , Urban Art

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Jackson Pollock Portrait by Rourke Van Dal


Decollage & Sculpted Paint protruding from the surface of a Discarded Pallett. Newpaper, Emulsion & Acrylic

In 1946 Jackson Pollock’s artwork went through dramatic changes with the emergence of his dripped and poured canvases. These “drip” paintings consisted of layered swirls of color on black ground in which the artist’s process and movements can be seen in how the colors are layered on top of one another. Pollock became on of the most famous painters of the Abstract Expressionist movement and/or style for his gestural paint application: pouring, flicking and dripping onto canvas laid out on the floor. He used sticks, brushes and chicken-basters to apply the paint to the canvas. Pollock believed that the “action” of the artist tapped into the subconscious – automatism. He was primarily interested in the dramatic unfolding of the unconscious on the painting’s surface and the creation of an allover surface. He believed that dripped and poured canvases eliminated all recognizable imagery and that an act of painting was an act of self-realization heavily influenced by existentialism – which draws on their principle of state of being is defined by action.

Historical and Cultural Context: In the early ’50s the Abstract Expressionist movement became increasingly more popular in New York as well as in Europe. The artists working in this style sought to express inner feelings, spiritual ideas and universal concepts through abstract forms. In an effort to move away from World War II, the Holocaust in Europe, the threat of the atomic bomb and McCarthyism in America, Abstract Expressionist artists transformed the activity of painting into an almost spiritual practice. Formal elements such as line, shape and color became the means to express universal feelings, spirituality and even sometimes the psyche of the artist.

Date: 6th May 2011
LABELS: 3d Sculpted Paint , Contemporary , Discarded Pallet , Jackson Pollock , Portrait , Stencil , Street Art , Technique

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