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Count on Me - Spraypaint on Canvas


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Date: 1st June 2015
LABELS: Canvas , Contemporary , Count on Me , Figurative , Old Classics , Original Painting , Pop Art , Rourke Van Dal , Stencil , Street Art , Technique , Urban Art

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’Count on Me’ Print Release - Friday 21st Nov


’Count on me’
Signed & Numbered Limited Edition Archival Print on 315g Paper
Size: 56cm x 76cm Edition of 50 Price: £75.00

’Count on me’ portrays childhood, and how they respond and nurture the modern age of technology. we live in a world controlled by numbers and dingbats. I have a child with ADHD, and really finds it very hard to sleep, so I have spent hours with him while he decides to actually go to sleep. I can remember in the early days probably around in is first years of schooling, sitting with him on a night and for hours, doing sums with him. Cos he seemed to just not be able to get them out of his head. ’Befuddle’ and earlier picture is where I touched on this first., cos he seemed to do the same thing with Superheros, so dignbats, numbers, Advertising and comic book, on a childs mind depicted as there hair. is my reasoning behind these pictures.

Date: 21st November 2014
LABELS: Contemporary , Count on Me , Limited Edition Print , Pop Art , Stencil , Urban Art

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